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Employability South is an exciting new programme, designed to help support people living in South Belfast*

Its aim is to improve employability by building confidence, skills and qualifications for work. The programme could also lead to a paid work placement providing an excellent opportunity to further develop skills and really get your career back on track!

With dedicated pages for participants and employers you can use this website to find out more about how EmployAbility South can meet your needs!
We can support employers to recruit new staff for their business and provide paid work placements. See our Employers page for further information.
The Employability South programme is funded by the Northern Ireland Executive through the Social Investment Fund.

What can we do for you?

If eligible, you will receive support from our dedicated team. This support will take place over 6 phases.

1. Welcome, Induction and assessment

Get a chance to meet our team and other participants. Your journey begins by looking at your job readiness and discussing how we can help you to access work.

This will include support with the essential skills that are needed for the workplace - as well as help and assistance with numeracy, literacy and IT skills, we have designed the programme to include industry and employer specific essential skills support to ensure a person gets dedicated essential skills support directly linked to their employment aspirations.

2. Employability Skills Builder

We will help you to overcome the issues that prevent you from working. There will be a range of options available to assist you and we will begin to explore your potential employment pathway.

3. Employment Interests

Mentoring support will help you choose which employment pathway suits you best — don’t worry if you're not sure, we can help you to look at all areas and explore the best choices for you.

4. Job Readiness Plan

Completion of an individual development plan will help ensure you are building the correct skills for your chosen employment pathway. We will review your existing skills and also help you develop new and specialist skills.

5. Preparation for Work

We will focus on further developing skills and confidence for work and help prepare you for a potential work placement/paid employment.

6. In employment phase/Next Steps

Possibility of a 13 week paid work placement and next steps support to continue your development.

Building your unique journey!

We recognise that everyone is different and we have tailored the programme to ensure that you are treated as an individual. We will help build a development plan with you, which will explore and identify a variety of activities and opportunities to help you meet your employment goals.

You will have control over the types of training and support that you can access and our mentors will help you at every step of the way to help you explore the most suitable options. You can choose to follow dedicated training for a number of employment pathways.

Employment Pathways

The project aims is to focus on the following key (but not exclusive) employment pathways

  • Caring (childcare/social care)
  • Sports, Leisure & Youth
  • Retail, Hospitality & Tourism
  • Construction, Warehousing & Working in the Community
  • Business Services

As your journey progresses, we believe your confidence will increase and open up a variety of new and exciting opportunities which will assist in helping you return to work.

Employment Links

We have a dedicated employer service in Employability South which is working to support you. We will engage with employers across South Belfast and beyond to match their recruitment needs with the participants on the programme.

By engaging with employers we will have a “finger on the pulse” around the latest employment opportunities and be able to match employers needs with pre-employment training and offer support to employers with a Corporate and Social Responsibility.

We also have the opportunity to provide a number of participants (over the course of the programme) with a 13 week paid placement in one of the employment pathways.

Community Involvement and Support (The Hubs)

Employability South is designed to offer support to individuals from the local communities of South Belfast, whether you are from Sandy Row, Taughmonagh, Woodstock, Lower Ormeau Road or beyond there are local information points to find out how to get involved.

Our local information points (Hubs)  will serve as a key element of our project, either by assisting you with an initial referral to the programme or through provision of one to one support from one of our mentors or even by hosting training and development activities during the programme our use of the hubs will make access to this unique opportunity easier for participants.

We have 4 main Hubs to help you:


A central information point, training centre and main office ensuring coverage of all the south Belfast areas.

Cromac Regeneration Initiative (CRI)

An information point & training venue for the communities of Donegall Pass, Lower Ormeau Road and the Market areas.


A local information point & training venue for Sandy Row & Lower Donegall Road areas.


The construction training centre for the programme and information point for upper Donegall Road & the Village area.

If you live outside of one of these areas and are interested in finding out more please contact us to discuss your options.
In addition to our information points we propose to deliver information events, conduct marketing exercises and ensure wide spread coverage of the programme via community outreach.  This will include (but not limited to) areas such as Woodstock, Belvoir, Taughmonagh, Botanic and Finaghy.
We aim to make the services available through Employability South as open and accessible as possible to those interested in being involved.


Funded by the OFMDFM Social Investment Fund, EmployAbility South will support 375 people to improve their employability, develop their skills and build their confidence, gain general and industry specific qualifications and have the opportunity for a 3 month in work placement that matches their work interests, aspirations and builds their potential for sustainable employment.

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* (other eligibility criteria apply; please contact us for further details)

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